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BioSNEDS Nutraceuticals
Fusing Nutraceutical Innovation with Pharmaceutical-Grade Precision


Who Are We? 

Verdant Nature is a biotech company and nutraceutical ingredient supplier of the industry's most bioavailable active nutraceutical ingredients, clinically proven to be up to 10,000% more bioavailable than traditional and liposomal.

What Do We Do?

We encapsulate poorly bioavailable nutraceutical ingredients in our BioSNEDS™ Maximum Cellular Delivery system to increase bioavailability and efficiently deliver to cells, the brain, and soon, the mitochondria.


What Do We Have?

An expansive arsenal of 20 active nutraceutical ingredients wrapped in BioSNEDS™ technology, clinically proven, with an increased bioavailability of up to 10,000%, and new ingredients launched quarterly.



Bio Self-Emulsifying Delivery Systems

Industries We Serve

We offer diverse health-enhancing nutraceutical ingredients and formulations to elevate your market position. With BioSNEDS™, transitioning to a more effective product line is simple, diverse, and tailored to your business needs, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving industry landscape.

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